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Rail Operations.
RTI's Rail Operations experience focuses on critical operational areas such as driving, driving rules, and procedures. A typical assignment would be the development of driving manuals, combined with all the associated training - of Drivers, Driver Standards Managers etc - for the operation of new rolling stock or procedures. However, this area of training is broad; ranging from familiarisation with and operation of new train management systems to track working procedures. RTI specialises in development of training courses and materials to increase company performance and maximise the effectiveness of training delivery.

In addition RTI designs and delivers training for supervisors and managers, designed to develop skills that are vital for achieving success in the railway industry, but which are often given second place to the more technical aspects. These are personal development skills; focused on customer interactions, personal safety and people management. They also encompass high level familiarisation with railway operations, engineering and management.

Maintenance and Engineering.
RTI has extensive experience in maintenance training and in particular the issues relating to the introduction of new Traction & Rolling Stock. Its consultants have worked with light and heavy rail, metro and tram systems in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Assignments typically involve working with the rail company and rolling stock manufacturer to produce and deliver training courses for maintenance staff in tandem with the introduction of new rolling stock. This can also include technical appreciation and functional overview training, for supervisory staff, together with fault finding and diagnostics.
Engineering knowledge transfer often requires more than a training course and RTI also specialises in the editing and translation of manufacturers technical manuals into formats that are more suitable for use as reference material and as maintenance handbooks. When performed in parallel with course development this generates an in-depth appreciation of the subject, which is passed on to clients staff during training sessions and tutorials.

Consultancy and Research.
Changes to the business environment relating to performance, legislation and safety apply continuous pressure on the systems and procedures for training, assessment and competence management. RTI provides consultancy related to all competence issues ranging from the development of systems for management and delivery, through to the demonstration of training compliance with appropriate standards. RTI also carries out research projects in areas such as current practice worldwide in driver competence management and measurement of training effectiveness using simulators.

Effective management and customer service requires background knowledge and understanding over and above the competencies required to perform individual tasks. RTI develops the syllabus and subject matter for courses aimed at achieving high levels of understanding in these areas related to generic and specific railway systems. This work ranges from self-study modules for professional institutions and "one on one" study tours for the senior managers from developing railways, to railway appreciation for non railway personnel.

Training Technology.

The benefits of a simulation or situation based approach provided by technology based training delivery and assessment are increasingly being recognised. The broader benefits of continuous renewal training and assessment delivered by intranet/internet is also particularly apparent where numbers of trainees and their required competence levels are high (eg. safety related work) or the material is subject to frequent change. RTI is active in the specification of and use of training technology (CBT, e-Learning, Simulation) and in the development of technology based training solutions using the class leading products of CORYS TESS. In addition RTI provide training for Trainers in the use of simulators in training.

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