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Computer Based Training and Assessment

Rulebook CBT
UK New Modular Rule Book
Developed by South Central Trains, CrossCountry Trains, West Coast Trains and CORYS TESS to support their response to the introduction of the Modular Rule Book and maximise the benefits of modularity, clarity, and digital delivery in Rule Book training and assessment.
  Target needs Front cab- low visibility

New Modular Rule Book Training

New driver recruits training and assessment
Experienced drivers re-assessment
Experienced drivers refresher training

Driver standards (Team) Managers assessment & re-assessment

Driver standards (Team) Managers refresher training
    Front cab- low visibility
S4 Train Detained, Obstruction
Improve the efficiency of the Rule Book training process
Improve the ability of driver to identify unexpected and degraded situations
Improve the ability to apply correct procedures
Assess driver competence in a simulated environment
Maintain currency of training & assessment in line with future Rule Book changes
    S4 Train Detained, Obstruction
Scoring Screen
  The solution
Situation based training in a multimedia environment
Assessment of trainee actions in a variety of situations
Scoring in training and assessment mode
Tracing of assessed performance
    Scoring Screen
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