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  Are you CERTAIN that your Company’s training process, methodology & materials would stand up to a comprehensive external audit?  
Are you CERTAIN that all your Company’s training and assessment is carried out to a common, auditable standard?
Are you CERTAIN your Company is really in control of your entire training and development process?
If your answer to any of these Questions is NOplease read on….

AT RTI we use a ‘Design ‘Tool’ for the development and creation of all Client training materials & courses according to a defined & organised system. This ‘Design Tool’ is called – ‘CATS’.

Would your training benefit from being:
  Standardised in structure and appearance?
Re-structured to clearly identify the learning aims & objectives that must be proved in the final assessment?
Re-structured to ensure that assessments are consistently managed and delivered?
Formatted for easy delivery by all training staff?
Organised so that all training documentation and delivery materials can be stored in one place?
Organised to make auditing as easy as possible?
If your answer to any of these Questions is YESplease read on….
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