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Technical Support and Consultancy

RTI supports a wide variety of services for the railway operator, engineering and manufacturing industry as follows:

Establishing Training Needs

  • Carry out Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify the organisations aims, objectives, work plan and the needs of the individual worker
  • Identify gaps between what staff need to know in order to do their job, and what they actually know
  • The TNA output will set the training specification, select the appropriate course and set the standard by which training may be evaluated

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assessment of competence in the workplace leading to a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).  In-house training and support can be delivered as required in order to meet national qualification standards.
  • Develop and maintain Competence Management Systems (CMS) utilising A1 assessors whose standards are assured by competent verifiers


  • Development and production of Technical Manuals for train and equipment manufacturers, Rolling Stock Companies (ROSCOs), Train Operating Companies (TOCs)
  • Development and production of all Maintenance Procedures (VMI, VMP, ECI and VOI)
  • Rolling stock training manual development and production, PowerPoint presentations
  • Translation and proof reading of operators and manufacturers technical manuals, making recommendations for changes

Recent Projects have included packaged training, maintenance and technical documentation for the following types of rolling stock and organisations:



1996 Stock Jubilee Line

 Class 319, First Capital Connect

Singapore North East Line




1995 Stock Northern Line

Class 365 & 465 Networker

SP1900, KCRC West Rail, Hong Kong




334 Scot Rail Juniper

Citadis Tram

SP1900,  KCRC East Rail, Hong Kong




460 Gatwick Express Juniper


Kuala Lumpur ,Star




458 Southwest Trains Juniper


Kinki Sharyo, Japan




Class 375 & 377 Electrostar

Irish Rail 2700 Rail Cars

Attiko Metro Athens




Class 170 & 171 Turbostar

Dublin Dart

Sacramento Tramway




          Mark III Coaches                   DVT'S       Class 142, 143, 150, 153                     158





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