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  Selected References  

Examples of RTI's recent and current work are included in the following list:

Hitachi Rail Europe

  • Provision of RBTNAs for a range of operational roles for the introduction of new rolling stock (Class 800/801 and AT200)
  • Design and delivery of train-the-trainer interventions to support the introduction of new rolling stock
  • Delivery of traction and rolling stock engineering systems training for the Class 800 IEP stock

NS Opleidingen (Netherlands)

  • Supporting local trainers in their understanding of Non-Technical Skills (NTS) and collaborative development of behavioural markers and training materials

South Eastern Trains

  • Provision of traction and rolling stock training on a variety of stocks / courses, including;
    • Class 465/6: Mods, Door fault finding, Traction overview, Traction VMI and Traction fault finding
    • Class 375 (Electrostar): SETRA introduction
    • SETRA Intermediate Level

First Great Western (FGW)- Operations

  • Support in delivering FGW's Train Driver Non-Technical Skills strategy including providing specific NTS course/inputs for;
    • Train Drivers
    • Assessors
    • Driver Instructors
    • Operational Trainers
    • Safety Briefers
  • Provision of A1 and 6317 Assessor qualification to operational competence assessors.

First Great Western (FGW)- Engineering

  • Provision of traction & rolling stock training, including Class 158, 153, 150, 143 & 142

Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail)

  • Provision of a complete Training Needs Analysis for key maintenance roles
  • Provision of City & Guilds 7303 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)  award
  • Operational Trainer development programme, with specific focus on the introduction of Technology-Based Training methods and Non-Technical Skills

London Underground

  • Provision of Total Quality Management (TQM) tools and techniques workshop for senior train service planning team.
  • Provision of Statistical Process Control (SPC) workshops to Senior train service planning team
  • Provision of a report and recommendations for the training of train operators

Network Rail

  • Provision of Assessor and Verifier National Vocational Qualifications for Signaller Managers, Mobile Operations Managers and Electrical Control Room staff. 
  • Development of training support for Assessment-in-the-line competence management system. 
  • Provision of Expert Witness testimony reviewing the competence management and training systems for the Ladbroke Grove accident
  • Design and delivery of operations training for On-Train Technicians
  • Provision of IRSE Assessors

Kirow (Leipzig)

  • Provision of technical documentation, including Vehicle Maintenance Instructions (VMIs), Technical Instruction Manual
  • UAT & MPIP requirements
  • Vehicle Overhaul requirements
  • Component Overhaul requirements
  • Illustrated List of Components
  • Technical Training


National Express East Anglia (Crown Point)

  • Provision of a complete Training Needs Analysis for key maintenance roles
  • Provision of "Risk Assessment for Engineers" training


European Community Research Projects

  • Consortium member for two international projects by the EC focused on;
  • 2Train: "Best practise" competetence management, training and assessment processes for train drivers (led by the University of Wuerzburg, Germany) (see www.2train.eu)
  • URaLSE: "Best practise" competence management and language training for train drivers on the cross border operations (led by the Latvian Public Service Language Centre) (see www.language.net)

Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB)

  • Leading research project into best practice training and assessment design including the use of simulation and computer-based training for train drivers and signallers
  • (see www.rssb.co.uk/PDF/reports/research/T441_rpt_final.pdf)
  • Completion of a national review of activity with National Occupational Standards and National Vocational Qualifications within the rail industry.

Southern Railway

  • Development of training course modules and materials and delivery of training for maintenance of 319, 170, 377 stocks. 
  • Provision of consultancy on maintenance procedures manual design & development, a training review and development of VMIs for 170 & 377s.
  • Process management review, using quality management tools, of exam procedures and maintenance documentation
  • Traction & rolling stock trainer development against NVQ level 3 framework
  • Development of all training courses for maintenance of 319, 377 & 170 rolling stocks
  • Provision of consultancy in writing Vehicle Maintenance Instructions (VMIs) for 377 & 170 rolling stocks
  • Process management review, using Quality Management tools, of vehicle exam process and maintenance documentation
  • Qualification of traction & rolling stock trainers against NVQ level 3 framework
  • Provision of A1 qualification
  • “RTI facilitated a Quality Improvement Team” looking at improving the service control process for Southern Railway”.

Hitachi Europe Ltd

  • Provision of support for the development of the Training Plan for the Intercity Express Programme (IEP)

Hitachi Rail Maintenance

  • Conducted a review of the Competence Management System for Ashford Depot

First Capital Connect

  • Provision of training support for the new train care depot at Bedford.
  • Provision of competence management model and training needs analysis for Technical Riding Inspectors


  • Sub-contracted to provide User training for Network Rail Signalling Designers for the Intelligent Scheme Plan Sketch (ISP-S) tool


  • Provision of a team of Traction & Rolling stock Assessors


LUAS (Dublin Tram)

  • Development of training for maintenance of newly introduced stock. 
  • Development of competence management system, process review and training of training course modules and materials and delivery evaluation.

Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB)

  • Delivery of London Underground operational training. 
  • Review of technical competence framework for accident investigation
  • Identification of core generic competencies of accident investigation, supported by competence descriptors for knowledge, skills and behaviors (this also included Air and Marine Accident Investigation Branches).

UK Department for Transport - Consultancy 2004

  • The Air, Marine and Rail Accident Investigation Branches of the DfT retained RTI to assess and develop their competency framework for Investigators.


KCRC, Hong-Kong - Training Development & Delivery 2001 - 2003

  • Maintenance training for the new KRCR rolling stock: maintenance and fault finding training course development and delivery in Hong Kong.

Rail Door Solutions

  • RDS engaged RTI to deliver a stock familiarisation and maintenance procedures training course on the Class 458 Juniper EMU that are currently in service with South West Trains. The requirement led to the review and updating of previously developed RTI training Material to ensure its currency and validity to the identified needs of the customer

Kennedys - Expert Witness 2004

  • Kennedys, a leading firm of commercial lawyers, retained RTI's training specialists on behalf of a major railway client to provide expert assessment of the training and competence management systems in place at the time of a major railway accident. On completion of the analysis and report RTI's specialists will act as Expert Witness when the case comes before the High Court. The case revolves around the quality, compliance, adequacy, and management of the training provided to, and competencies of the driver and signaller involved in the accident.

National Farmers Union (NFU)

  • Expert witness testimony to review competence management and training issues for a fatal accident over a worked level crossing.

Southern - Training Development, Delivery & Consultancy 2003 -

  • RTI provide Southern with comprehensive training services supporting their training programme underpinning the introduction of two new fleets and re-deployment of current stock. The training programme includes all areas of traction & rolling-stock maintenance including modular courses of Systems Training, Heavy Lift Workshop, Fault-finding etc. The majority of the courses have been developed by RTI and are being delivered, assessed and maintained to ensure training is consistent with the rapidly evolving needs.
    RTI also provides A1 Assessor services and is developing Southern training staff through their NVQ Level 3 &4 L&D units and providing their certification.






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